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Sassafras Nonprofit Incubator

The Sassafras Nonprofit Incubator provides organization, resources and community for professionals interested in creating a nonprofit that improves the quality of life in Tuscaloosa.

Sassafras is dedicated to cultivating strong roots for new and existing organizations that will serve Tuscaloosa's future.


Starting a sustainable nonprofit from scratch takes years of work. Sassafras provides organizational structures to quickly seed a nonprofit program, including 501c3 status, board of directors, staff with nonprofit startup experience, a volunteer corps, and more.


Nonprofit startups need resources to succeed. Sassafras provides access to technical support, strategic planning, financial planning and systems development, grant writing and fundraising workshops, grant research tools, communication tools, and nonprofit expertise to help program directors grow their own self-sustaining nonprofit program.


Nonprofits are built from the ground up by and for communities. Work with Sassafras' growing network of professionals and program partners; whether you are new to Tuscaloosa or a native, Sassafras will help connect you to partners and constituents alike, including University of Alabama partners, local for-profit and nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and other incubator professionals.

Our Incubator Coffee House and Tavern events provide an opportunity to meet new people in the pursuit of innovation and collaboration.


Learn more, get involved, or apply here: incubator@sassafrascenter.org